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Mobrand has been developing some of the most advanced technologies in the Ad:Tech industry.With our in-house performant technology stack and our Big Data and AI capabilities we believe that we will be able to make a dent on an industry full of inefficiencies and lack of transparency.
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Say goodbye to click waste! Developed fully inhouse OfferTest is a tool which tracks if your offers are redirecting correctly to the app store. It helps you identify all the networks in the redirection chain making the app ecosystem more transparent and trustworthy.
Monetize your app with our native SDK
App developers use mobrand to help them on their app businesses because we provide everything they need to monetize their apps in one easy-to-use dashboard.
Our ad units
Control your user’s experience by using our optimized Bulk API feed and customize your ad units to your specific needs.
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  • banners
  • video ads
  • app wall
  • interstitials
Shield anti-fraud
Developed fully inhouse SHIELD analyzes more 85 data-points per click and blocks suspicious activity in real time driving real users to advertisers and preventing deductions to publishers.
Automatic detection and blocking:
  • Bot traffic
  • Incent traffic on non-incent offers
  • Fake clicks
  • Organic conversions
  • Unique device repetitions
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